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Valid From 20-06-2022 to 10-09-2022

Award-winning restaurant Kwan Cheuk Heen proudly presents its signature homemade moon cakes; 4 flavors range from Japanese pumpkin, bird’s nest with egg custard, traditional white lotus and D24 durian. All moon cakes are handcrafted and preservative-free! Enjoy 20% early bird discount by making purchase via eShop on or before 27 August 2022. 



Japanese Pumpkin and Egg Yolk Moon Cake (8pcs/HK$368)
The New Flavour! The exceptional sweet taste and velvety texture of Japanese Pumpkin are perfectly paired with salted egg yolk, making the moon cake an indulgent morsel.
White Lotus Seed Paste with Egg Yolk Moon Cake (8pcs/HK$398) 
Fragrant white lotus seed paste and the salty scent of salted egg yolk complement each other perfectly, giving a traditional flavour of satisfaction.
Bird’s Nest with Egg Custard Moon Cake (8pcs/HK$428) 
Bird’s nest contains several important hormones that help to boost the immune system and improve overall wellbeing. Luxury bird’s nest paired with sweet egg custard yield a soft and creamy filling, adding divine taste to the moon cakes.
D24 Durian Custard Moon Cake (8pcs/HK$428) 
Top quality, fresh D24 durian, blended together with custard to create finer texture and unique flavor. These dainty moon cakes are definitely irresistible to all durian lovers!
Assorted Moon Cakes (8pcs/HK$418) 
Can't decide between traditional white lotus seed paste or contemporary creamy egg custard? We offer Assorted Moon Cakes for your choice! Assorted Moon Cakes contain 4 pieces of White Lotus Seed Paste with Egg Yolk Moon Cakes and 4 pieces of Bird's Nest with Egg Custard Moon Cakes to cater to all different taste buds.
Mid-Autumn Hamper
Celebrate Mid-Autumn to the fullest with our Mid-Autumn Hamper packed with 1 box of White Lotus Seed Paste with Egg Yolk Moon Cake (8pcs), 1 On Kee Conpoy Gift Box, 1 On Kee Mushroom Gift Box, 1 bottle of Michel Lynch, Merlot, Bordeaux, 1 Wah Fong Chinese Tea Gift Box (8 flavours) and assorted seasonal fruits at HK$2,288. Enjoy 10% discount for purchase made on or before 10 September 2022.

Visit our eShop (Best Price Guarantee) to purchase moon cakes anytime anywhere. For enquiry, please call us at (852) 2121 2691 or email to

* The above promotion is subject to terms and conditions
* 3 days advance order is required
* Collection Period: Between 28 August and 10 September 2022 (Until 9 pm)
* Photo is for reference only
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