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Winning the Best of the Best Award 2012

Winning the Best of the Best Award 2012


Harbour Grand Hong Kong is pleased to announce that Chef Wong Kam Ki, Executive Sous Chef – Chinese, has won the Gold Medal and the “Online Hottest Dish Award” in the Lobster Category of the 2012 Best of the Best Culinary Award organized by Hong Kong Tourism Board.


“All the while I only thought of participation and gaining experience in a competition, awards were the last in my mind. Winning these two awards is a catalyst to me, to drive myself further to experience, to explore and to excel,” explained Chef Ki.


The finals of the 2012 competition were held from 4-5 October 2012. Dishes were evaluated based on flavours, presentations, cooking skills, food preparation and other criteria. The Gold with Distinction, the Gold Award and the Silver Award were presented in each of the four categories – Beef, Lobster, Tofu and Reinvented Classics. The one and only “Online Hottest Dish Award” organized by openrice.com is awarded to the one most liked by the public, and this reflects the popularity of the creation by Chef Ki.


The winning dish, Lobster Stuffed with Sautéed Black Truffles, Crab Meat, Mushrooms, Asparagus and Homemade Supreme Truffle XO Sauce, is a showcase of smart ingredient selection and combination, blessed with two distinctive cooking methods. Chef Ki first mixes lobster pieces with black truffles, crab meat, onion, button mushrooms with butter, cream and truffle oil. All ingredients are then pan-fried and stuffed into the lobster tail. The final important touch is spreading layers of egg on top and bake, then repeat this same step for 4-5 times till golden. To create the second flavour, Chef Ki has to pan-fry the lobster cubes with key elements, namely egg white and black truffles, plus asparagus for enhancing the texture and colour. These are then placed into purple and yellow sweet potato baskets for a further flavour difference. Sophisticated and aromatic.


Guests can now enjoy 20% discount when ordering this signature dish at Kwan Cheuk Heen.


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