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Supreme Truffles XO Sauce Launched

Supreme Truffles XO Sauce Launched


Harbour Grand Hong Kong proudly presents the newly invented Supreme Truffles XO Sauce. It is now available both for savouring at Kwan Cheuk Heen and for purchase at all five restaurants of the Hotel.

Combining the essence of exquisite Italian black truffles with the traditional XO sauce, this creation strikes the right note between tradition and adventure. Amongst the ingredients of a typical XO sauce – conpoy, Yunnan ham, dried shrimp, shrimp roe and hot chilli – Chef Wong Kam Ki, Executive Sous Chef of Kwan Cheuk Heen, was daring enough to alter the recipe of this everlasting signature sauce, and give up hot chilli. “Hot chilli is too overpowering that it would cover up the unique aroma of black truffles,” explained Chef Ki, “Its spiciness is also a hindrance to many who cannot take spicy food and yet appreciate the flavour of XO sauce.”

Fine pieces of black truffles take on the original leading role of hot chilli. With the addition of white truffle oil, the pungent aroma of truffles intriguingly lifts up the flavour of other ingredients, enhancing the texture of each bite, and finally leaving a long, lingering aftertaste.

Priced at HK$688 per bottle (160g). Enjoy debut special at 10% discount before 30 September 2012.


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